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Written by Cara Luft and Lewis Melville



- Cara Luft & Lewis Melville

It was on a Sunday morning in the merry month of June
I was driving to Ontario, I had to get there soon

Thought I’d cross the border, take a shortcut through the States
I’ll live to regret it cause it was a big mistake

The guard stopped me at customs and asked “Whatcha bringing in?”
He stood for law and order so I gave a nervous grin

“I’m passing through your country and I won’t be staying long
I’m a Canadian folk singer and I’m only bringing songs.”

He said, “I’d really like to trust you but you surely have to stop
Hassling folk singers is a big part of my job

I’d really like to let you go but I don’t know where you’ve been
So pull your car on over ‘cause I have to bring you in.”

He looked my car once over, he tore the panels off the door
He poked around my engine, he tore the rug off of the floor

I could see him get excited and I started to feel the heat
‘Cause he found some marijuana underneath the seat

It’s not mine! It’s not mine!
I never touch wacky tobaccy, I only drink what’s on the vine

It’s not mine! It’s not mine!
I don’t know where it came from but I swear it isn’t mine!

I’ve only smoked three times before and I never did inhale
I’ve never had a ticket and I’ve never been in jail

I was raised on God and Jesus, at school my marks they were the best
But now I’m at the border and I’m under arrest

I’ve been charged! I’ve been charged!
They found a stash of contraband under the front seat of my car

I’ve been charged! I’ve been charged!
I’m an alien invader and a criminal at large

For all of my troubles I thank my good friend Rich
I don’t know how it got there but I know that it was his

I’m stuck here at the border and things are getting rough While he sits in his living room and takes another puff

It was his! It was his!
He left it in a plastic bag and now I’m really pissed
It’s not mine! It’s not mine!
But now I’ve got to take the rap and I might be doing time

Everything is going wrong, I’ve used up all my luck
I’m caught with someone else’s pot and now I’m really f#*%$

They’ve gone and flagged my passport and they’re going to take my car
And now he’s looking closely at the wood on my guitar

It’s not Brazilian! It’s Argentinean!
And those drugs aren’t mine, they’re his and now I’m really screwed!

I’ve been charged! I’ve been charged!
I’m an alien invader and a criminal at large


from Darlingford, track released May 1, 2012
Cara - vocals, acoustic guitar
Damon - electric guitar
live studio audience - Al, Cate, Ben, Tracey, Jonah, Sam, Andrea, Gareth, Kathleen, Erick



all rights reserved


Cara Luft Winnipeg, Manitoba

Singer/songwriter/guitarist extraordinaire Cara Luft is that rare artist steeped in folk and traditional roots music almost from birth yet willing to alter that fabric, stretch the boundaries, not afraid to bend genres and styles. She has earned a solid reputation as one of Canada’s finest live performers whose engaging, down-home style is wrapped in a delicious sense of humour. ... more


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